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The most interesting part for me was the first day, when me and four other colleagues went to the champagne reef to help Ben and Dan do their research about ocean acidification.

Augusto Li, Student

CLIP – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto, Portugal
Dominica Expedition

The Coral Triangle was by far the most diverse reef I have ever dived in!

This was undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience.

João Espírito Santo, Student

CLIP – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto, Portugal
Indonesia Expedition

Everything is a unique and unrepeatable occasion; contact with the local population, dream places, unattainable fauna and flora, altruism and companionship that emanates in abundance, etc.

If I had to summarize my trip with Opwall in a simple sentence: When do we repeat?

Rafael Rueda Nunez, Teacher

San Patricio International School, Spain
South Africa Expedition

This year I had the opportunity to take part in the Operation Wallacea expedition to Ecuador with my colleagues from CLIP. It’s a trip which I still think of everyday and will never forget for the rest of my life.

Inês Abreu, Student

CLIP – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto, Portugal
Ecuador and Galapagos Expedition

Even as a professor of biology, I learned a lot from hands-on activities, snorkeling to conduct a survey on sea urchins is very different from the usual fieldwork experience. It has been a lot of fun!

Paulien van Ekeren, Teacher

International College Spain
Croatia Expedition

Surrounded by jaguars, visited by a graceful sloth, whistled by monkeys and flown over by so many different birds it is just a very simplistic way of summarizing contact with the lush nature of the Amazon jungle.

I am still recovering and still assimilating the Dream!

Raquel Loureiro, Teacher

CLIP – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto, Portugal
Ecuador and Galapagos Expedition

Gastón has returned happy from the trip and having participated in the expedition to South Africa.! It is an experience he will never forget!

Cristina Deza, Parent

San Patricio International School, Spain
South Africa Expedition

Participating in an Operation Wallacea Expedition was one of the best experiences of my life.

Catarina Ruivo, Student

Externato Penafirme, Portugal
Indonesia Expedition

Participating in the 2019 Opwall expedition to South Africa was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you Opwall for such an amazing trip!

Sara Kirchner Alarcon, Student

Oak House International School, Spain
South Africa Expedition

My experience at Operation Wallacea for Indonesia was incredible and immensely enriching, both for what I would like to do in the future as well as for my general culture and building my personality.

João Ramos, Student

CLIP – Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto, Portugal
Indonesia Expedition

About Opwall

Scientific expeditions for university students and high school students

Scientific research

Every year our expeditions produce a large number of peer-reviewed publications. To this date, the data collected by students in our expeditions has resulted in a total of over 500 such publications.

Biodiversity conservation

The scientific data we collect contribute towards the development and implementation of wildlife conservation projects.

Scientific expeditions

Every year our teams of ecologists, researchers and wildlife specialists come together in our several expedition sites to conduct research and conservation projects giving students the unique opportunity to live and learn with a team of international scientists and help them collect data in the field.

For the schools

Our school expeditions are open to the participation of high school students, accompanied by a teacher. During the expedition the students will help the science team collect scientific data, contribute to wildlife conservation, learn about biology through real life experience, have an intense cultural experience, practice their conversational and technical English-speaking skills for two weeks and live the greatest adventure of their life.

For the university students

Our university expeditions are open to any university student, independently of their area of studies. The expeditions are a unique opportunity to participate in scientific research projects, to meet and work with researchers and students from other parts of the world, to create a network of contacts, both professional and personal, to improve one’s curriculum, to get hands on experience with the world of field biology and determine if that is a field they would really be interested in pursuing a career. Ultimately it will be an unforgettable adventure.

How it all began in the Wallacea region in 1995

Operation Wallacea started life back in 1995 as a not for profit project supported by the HSBC Honkong Bank under its care for nature programme.

The programe was developed and led by Eco Surveys Limited (Now Opwall Limited) in the UK and supported by Indonesia’s Wallacea Development Institute – The Indonesian Institute of Sciences and the Directorate General of Forestry and Conservation. 

At the time, the main base of operations was located in the Tukanbesi islands and the project was donated two vehicles, to carry out the terrestrial surveys, as well as a given access to a single lodge, used as the main base of operation,  and 12 sets of diving equipment for the marine component of the project. 

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